Sunday, July 24, 2011

I hate clown

I hate clowns.
They are so superficial, so fake.
What really is behind their big smiles?

Pricks of tear are under their eyes
Are they tears of happiness
or tears of sorrow?
Who knows.

I always feel uneasy, always dizzy when they are around.
I never let any clowns approach me.
I am scared of them.

That’s why love,
I hate you when you become a clown.
Even when you say that you are happy to be one.
Even when you say that you like to make people happy.

I am telling you what I think.
People laugh not because you are funny.
People laugh because they can find something to laugh at.
When they find something more terrible than their depressing life. People laugh at the humiliation you let yourself through.
You’re just their escape, their fantasy of foolishness.

Once they are happy themselves, they won’t need you anymore.
Once they are back in real life, they are gonna leave you…
either laugh or cry by yourself …
or neither …


gloriaputri said...

madammm....bagus bgtt....
ati2 banyak badut2 tukang copy paste karya orang diluaran sana

Angelika Riyandari said...

badut tukang copas tuh apa glo?

gloriaputri said...

kemaren itu banyak blogger2 temenku yang kebakaran jenggot, karyanya di copas habis2an sama org madam....mereka bisa berbentuk apa saja bahkan bs menyamar jd badut juga, hati2 sama plagiator ya madam...tulisan madam bagus2 soalnya,bakal ikutan ngomel2 aq klo sampe ada yg copas,
coba di protect aja, atau sering2 cek di google kata2 yg menurut madam hanya madam yg bs buat :)