Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Goen … his name is simply Goen…

That’s how I call a person whom I love for more than half of my life
I never call him ‘mas’, ‘pak’, ‘papa’, ‘love’, ‘hunny’ … just Goen
Because he is and he will always be Goen for me, not more not less
We are friends, we are foes
We have good times, we have bad times
We whisper words of love, we throw heated arguments
But he understands me
Not bunch of flowers, jewelries, or fancy fashionable stuffs
But books, drama movies, pop songs, a cup of tea, and a bowl of noodle
(even when he can’t stand the dramas and pop songs)
He only teases me when I say ‘I know that I have to take a shower but I don’t feel like doing it because it’s late and freezing.’
He never complains when I am in NO GOOD MOOD and choose to stay in bed while he cooks breakfast
He pretends to be busy and does many works when he just wants to accompany me working late
He lets me ‘occupy’ his part of bed when I want a bigger space to stretch my body by claiming that ‘I am smaller. There’s no way I use wider space than you are.’
He never grumbles when he has to take care of the kids when I have to stay out until late
He always waits for me to have dinner together even when I come home very late from school, while I always have mine first when he works late and say,‘I have had my dinner. I was hungry. But I don’t mind having another dinner because I’m still hungry.’
So …
I can’t really complain if he is a total hopeless person when it comes to saying sweet words or that he loves me, can I?
… cause I just know…


gloriaputri said...

sweet bangett madam :)

betewe, pengakuan nihh, aq ngakak berat pas ngebayangin pak Goen datang di malam hari bersimpuh kasih bunga ke madam dengan badan dan perawakan seperti itu....xixixixixi,...bakal tetep romantis gak ya? atao madam malah bakal bilang "hahahahhaa...Goen, kesambet opo kw? koq ujug2 nggowo2 bunga?"

tp yg pasti, semoga awet dan langgeng ya madam :)

Angelika Riyandari said...

eh Glo, dia tidak akan pernah melakukan itu. Waktu ulang tahunku aja dia bawa pulang cake coklat sama bilang, "Sbenernya aku mau bawa bunga, tapi aku tahu kalau kamu pasti malah ngakak. Jadi aku bawa cake aja, bisa dimakan bareng." He knows me well ... so... nggak complain deh ...