Wednesday, March 24, 2010

NIECINKCVFMROTS (We’ve just hit by a storm…huhuhu)

Yesterday morning seemed to be another ordinary morning in early autumn. The sun was quite warm to walk under to school with the kids without too much heat felt. Time to pick up the kids from school still presented the same view, one fine day was about to end with a big black cloud hanging in the sky. Ready the kids to get out of the school playground by shouting ‘Let’s go home… It’s gonna rain soon’ only to get the answer of ‘It’s not raining… just cloud and thunder’ from my boy.

15 to 4 p.m. … We arrived at home. As I finished my ‘after school’ meal cooking my boy shouted ‘Look!!! I saw thunder…’ and both of them started arguing who actually saw the thunder first. Then I heard ‘pitter patter’ sound. I grabbed the towels in the drying line in the balcony and shoved them in, put the shoes in the shoe shelves to prevent them for getting wet. I went inside, turned on the laptop and readied myself to work. The noisier ‘pitter patter’ disturbed me and made me peeked outside the glass door… Gracious me… HAILS… I called the kids enthusiastically showing them the rain of hails. It could be their once in a lifetime experience… seeing the hails… We stood in front of our glass door, watching the hails pouring down.

But then … the falling hails were getting bigger. They were in the size of small pebbles earlier, they were in the size of golf balls later. They were banging our glass door and windows… making terrible noises… It was terrible. The kids started to get terrified. They were all gather around me.

I ran to our bedrooms to check whether the windows were shut properly or not. They weren’t. I was securing the windows when I heard a ‘CRACK’ in one of the window… O… No… the supposed to be life time experience now turned out to a nightmare. I just prayed that the crack would stay as a crack when suddenly ‘CRASSSHHH’ … the hails sent the glass windows down into pieces of glass and splinters. I pulled the mattresses, the books, the rugs and everything under the windows into the safe side. One window, two windows, three windows, four windows… all were down to pieces… even the windows with the fly screen could not make it this time… they were just broken. Hails and rainwater flooded the rooms.

It was horrible. The kids were crying. The hails kept on banging the windows and sending more and more hails and water to the room through the broken windows. It was messy. Then the hails suddenly stopped and the rain started pouring down. I tried my best to save the bedrooms from disaster, picked up all the glass, splinters and hails in a bucket, covered up the broken windows with cardboard, and dried the rooms with cloths.

Outside was no better, the street was covered with hails… heaps of hails… and started to flood… Falling leaves were (and still are) everywhere, it was just totally different from the usual view of a neat and well-arranged surrounding. There was a traffic jam… cars were bumper to bumper for quite a long time. Never seen such a mess in my life here.

Thank God… no blackout… so we can resume our life. Watching TV, I found out that we’ve just experienced the worst storm in Western Australia in the last 50 years. Tough luck…

And there’s a possibility of another thunder storm today… Huh…!!! CROSS MY FINGERS…!!!

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