Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My glass of beer

I am telling you this,
My life is like drinking a glass of beer,
The first sip will be bitter, but it’s getting sweeter toward the end
You’ll get drunk but not so bad that you can’t survive
The warmth lingers long enough to free your spirit without losing your head

I like it that way
When everything is not black and white but in the shade of grey
So if you think that I’m pointless you are wrong
I just wanna be me who do not want great things but just enough
Even if I only go with the flow

I chose my own life
Neither can someone tell me what way I should go
Nor can someone tell me what to do
Coz I’ll be the one who pay for them all, smashing my head to the wall
And I’ve learned the hardest way not to cry when I fall

(Written for Felix, inspired by Igor’s simple philosophy of life)


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