Friday, September 23, 2011

It's funny 2 see u grow old...

Hey you over there
It’s funny to see you grow old
While I don’t feel like I am growing old
I stay young, you know

I see you there
Inside your posh car
The mark of success career
But friend, you’re truly growing old

People say that you will only see what you want to see
In a way that’s true, very true …
I see only what I want to see
The younger version of me

I don’t care whether I am wrong or right
It’s just so funny to see you growing old
While I stay the same.


Asop said...

Curang, manusia abadi. :D

Gloria Putri said... emang enak ya klo stay the same di sisi lain people changing?
tar ga ada temennya dong?

Angelika Riyandari said...

@asop & Glo: I only see what I want to see ... the younger version of me ... wkwkwk ...