Monday, March 28, 2011

The downfall of Rahwana in Dutch, its mp3

Today, out of the blue like usual. I've got the idea to convert the video of Nikimuzieku's wayang (shadow puppet) performance into mp3. First reason is I don't have enough time and internet quota to upload the video of the whole performance (it comes in gega bytes even in its flv format). The second reason is it will be nice to listen instead of watch the performance since in the old days many wayang (shadow puppet)performances were broadcasted through radio anyway so it will sound nostalgic. The third one, my video maker software is in trouble (and I am waiting for a new software) so I can't trim the video into smaller parts which will fit youtube requirement.
But I must publish it as soon as I can, in the most convenient format for me. At last... yeahhh... after several confusing steps taken, I managed to upload the mp3 of "The Downfall of Rahwana in Dutch."

The link is

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