Thursday, November 11, 2010

Welcome to Cyberworld

In 2008 two students, Anton and Igor, introduced me to Friendster. It is the first cyber social networking I log myself in. I was a bit sceptical about this kind of cyber networking, kinda wasting time when I had quite many REAL social networkings. But then it went just fine. I started to enjoy exchanging messages and filling in questions in Friendster in an ON-OFF MODE. Meaning that I would log in when I really had time to do it, not because I wanted to.
At almost the same time, Pak Ridwan Sanjaya introduced me (us actually, because it was a whole bunch of staffs in Unika) to the blogger world. Born as an extrovert who was not patient enough to write but to speak things in my heads up, I struggled to write things in my blog. It was not difficult to find things to write as I am a dreamer, full of fantasies kind of person but it is hard for me to patiently arranging my ideas words by words in an enjoyable flow. I did not feel OK, but I learnt to patiently put ideas in my head into my writings.
When I learnt that Youtube is popular and I am able to upload videos, I made a Youtube account. Can’t really remember the login and password now but I think that my account will just stay there (or not??).
Then came the time when I suddenly missed my old friends. I tracked most of them through the real network but I still missed one particular person that I really wanted to find. That was when I registered to Facebook. I found this person all right and I also found many other friends, old and new friends. Facebook gives me a way to keep in touch with my friends after I move to a far away place, the downunder.
The fact that I (and my children) needed a cheap way to communicate intercontinently with Goen made me decide to join Yahoo Messanger. Sure enough, I could call him through my YM net with local charge. I can’t say thank you enough to this technology though I rarely use it anymore because I (and my children) have moved with Goen now.
Three months ago, my school friends talked about Twitter and I decided to have a Twitter account just to peep and find out what it is. Never really use this account but quite contented to know how it works.
So and so …
I think I’ll stick to my FB account to get in touch with people (in On-Off mode too) because I am not a person who has enough persistence to update my status often such as expected in Twitter (It will be deadly boring and weird if my Twitter status update is like ‘48ikecool Joke Hermes, Reading Women’s Magazines, p. 4’ … and in the next couple of hours … ‘48ikecool Joke Hermes, Reading Women’s Magazines, p. 58’ … and in the following day … ‘48ikecool Joke Hermes, Reading Women’s Magazines, p. 127’ …).
I do check my Twitter account just as I once in a while visit and drop things in my Friendster (I am not using Friendster often because I think it is designed for young people; its features, formats and customs make an old person like me got completely lost … so many pictures, so many colours, so many unreadable fonts which are ‘cool’ for young people but really hurt my eyes).
And I think I can always count on my blog when I want to pour my ideas, dreams, stories, and fantasies. Not many and not qualified writings I am afraid, but I write better now, I think, compared to the time I started my blog.
I might change my mind later… but FB and Blog just serve me fine these days.
And one final thing, I still keep my e-mail addresses for sure. They are older day cyber worlds that are preserved for my formal communications and they still work superbly smooth and neat.


Ps. It is sometimes a pain in the … u know… to remember all those login names and passwords… but I have to face it anyway… No regret…

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