Thursday, June 21, 2012

Namanya juga "scarf", ya kecil ...

Me again with my stupid idea about "thing..."

This winter is crazy ... During my three years in Perth, never have I experienced a totally wet and .... cold winter ....

Isn't winter supposedly cold? ... yeahhhh yuuuppp ... but not in Perth (as far as I experienced)... for it was usually lots milder than this year.

I don't usually have to wear any 'winter clothes' during my winter in Perth, just have to wear shoes (not 'sandal jepit') plus not forget to wear my lovely UWA hoodies... those would do ...

But this year, I think I am in need of an extra item: 'scarf' to warm my neck and shoulder.

Yesterday, I went shopping with my friend, Ibu Cessy. My eyes was caught by a beautiful scarf, but sadly, I thought the scarf was not big enough to warm my neck and shoulder. I kept finding nice and beautiful scarfs but I always put them aside with the same reason: not big enough for me.

Until finally Ibu Cessy said patiently, "Ke, namanya juga scarf, ya kecil..." (Ke, scarf is always small.)

And I started to laugh ... yeah ... I was lucky because I had Ibu Cessy with me, not Goen... because I trust that in the same situation he would say, "Nek kurang amba, suk neng kampus nggawa jarik apa kemul wae..." (If it is not big enough for you, next time when you go to the uni, just bring your 'jarik' (a Javanese traditional long cloth) or your blanket.)

:D :D :D

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bybyq said...

I just realised I really missed jarik. I have two I brought from home, and it's been with me every night for the last 7 months.

Yes, the best kemul ever.