Thursday, June 7, 2012

I am happy for Danty (Faculty of Letters, Soegijapranata Catholic University student)

In this gloomy morning with shower and cold breeze, I could do nothing more but trying to fight my frozen brain. Even a cup of hot tea didn’t do me any good… only gave me an urge to obey the nature's call… hehe …
Then, came a text message:
“bun! Got third place! Couldn’t believe until now!”
td jurinya 5, dr law 1, management 2, dr leadership 2, hampir mati pas  prsntsi.” (there were 5 judges: 1 from Law, 2 from Management, 2 from Leadership, I was scared to death when I did my presentation).
And my mood suddenly lighted up …
It was from Danty. She told me about the result of Business Plan Competition she had to fight for.
Ooooo … I am so happy for her … as well as I feel relief …
Business Plan Competition was the final assessment in the Entrepreneurship, a subject she took in Handong University, South Korea.
Since the very beginning she was worried about that subject because (she told me) the lecturer said in the introductory session that 1/3 of the students would drop out from this subject before the end of the semester; even when they decided to stay, not many students would be able to pass the subject; and getting  a ‘C’ was expected (and this was good). With its demanding weekly assignment, this particular subject was a pain in the a** for Danty (so she said).
She shared her worries a couple of times when we happened to meet online. She said once that she thought she picked up a wrong subject, a difficult one (even for the local students).  A mistake that I (reluctantly to admit) had a share in.  
When she chose the subjects to take in Handong University, she asked for my share of thought. She was confused about the subjects to take as well as the schedule. Her choice was limited to subjects offered in English (100%). She could not take the subjects taught in Korean because with the language presented in Hangul, it definitely meant ‘suicide’. :D
I had no clue about the best subjects. So… two clueless heads scrambled to figure out the subjects to take. Apart from trying to fit in the schedule, this act of choosing (at least in my side) was ended by doing, ‘Eenie-Meenie-Minie-Mo’ … gotcha… haha… Personally, I felt that Entrepreneurship (as a subject) was kind of fancy (right?). So her miserable feeling about the subject raised a (tiny bit of) my guilty feeling.
The good thing was she told me that she didn’t want to give up though it was killing. She was knee deep in this subject. And as a part of my ‘responsibility,’ my support for her sometimes went patriotically extreme (I wish not to share my comments for her here… but one in a softer tone would go like “Tunjukkan kalau orang Indonesia tidak kalah sama orang Korea”)
AND my heart danced when she told me that she got A THIRD PLACE in that BUSINESS PLAN COMPETITION!!!
Good Job Danty…!!! You prove that Indonesian, especially Soegijapranata Catholic University student, (and extra particularly) Faculty of Letters student, is a world class student (promotion mode: on).  
Who’s next?????

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