Saturday, June 23, 2012

I am a S/D,VGSOH, G/L, DTE, S/B, FIN/SEC person

Fancy reading classified advertisements? Ever felt dumb when not understanding the content? These are the abbreviations and their meanings as provided by Western Suburbs Weekly, WA.

N/S- Non Smoker
N/D- Non Drinker
S/S- Social Smoker
S/D- Social Drinker
GSOH- Good Sense of Humour
VGSOH- Very Good Sense of Humour
T/D/H- Tall, Dark, Handsome
G/L- Good Looking
REA- Reasonable
ALA- All letters Answered
ARA- All Replies Answered
DTE- Down to Earth
M/B, S/B- Medium Build, Solid or Slim Build
FIN/SEC- Financially Secure
NOR- North of River
SOR- South of River

So… I can see that I am a S/D,VGSOH, G/L, DTE, S/B, FIN/SEC person… plus may also become a S/S person when the time and place are right…

What are you???


bybyq said...

hey wait... where's the H/S for Heavy Smoker? :p

Angelika Riyandari (Ike) said...

Are you??? Hahaha ... or should they have K/A ... (Kretek Addict... ?) ... heh...

bybyq said...

Grr grr... Djarum Black Menthol *crazycraving*