Thursday, July 5, 2012

You and Me

Instead of marriage, I’d rather say that I had a long-term relationship. We’ve known each other since we were 11. We were together for 9 years (dating, not cohabiting. Because if it is the latest, I’ll be “dead” … in Indonesia, you can’t, can’t just live together without getting married first… heh). After that we’ve got married. For 14 years now…. #hmmmm
We’ve been through our ups and downs in life, in love …. We exchange anger as well as love… We share our tears and laughs…. He basically can write my autobiography (hekeke) since he is always in my life as I can write his. He knows me well, my wild and selfish side. He is cooler than the cool me... (well, I think I am a tiny bit too much here … hehehehe). Up to this point, I simply can’t imagine my life without him.
Today, I’ll just like to quote Queen’s Bijou:
You and me
We are destined
You’ll agree
To spend the rest of our life with each other
The rest of our days like to lovers
4ever … 4ever …
And say, “I might not be perfect, but God knows, I try… yes, I try.”
Goen-ike 05/07


bybyq said...

that is a bloody long relationship indeed, *envy*

Angelika Riyandari (Ike) said...

Hehe ... some people said that I was stupid (for loving only one person...) :p

bybyq said...

oh oh... you made life easier by loving only one person. less drama definitely...