Monday, November 16, 2009

A sort of happiness

“Happy” has a very broad sense, difficult to define yet sometimes simpler to feel. I happened to experience that kind of simple happiness. In the morning, I checked my balance in my mobile phone and as it often happens I hit the wrong key in my mobile phone and got to the list of contact. Suddenly a name appeared in the list: “Flx” … Felix… and off course…his mobile number. And then…out of the blue…I felt an urge to send him a message. Then…I wrote…and sent it:

Hope that life is doing great…
U r the person I can’t reach through facebook…so I send u this message to say ‘hi’ – ike


I sent the message without any expectation to receive a reply as he is a man of a very few words and not a kind of person who likes doing a meaningless chit chat.

In the afternoon when I was doing some readings I heard my mobile vibrated (I deliberately set my mobile phone in vibrating mode as I am easily annoyed by ringing tones). I picked it up and opened the new message…:

Hai juga.

Message centre:

GOODNESS…it was certainly from Felix. Didn’t he realize that he had to pay double or triple of the usual rate as the SMS had to cross to other continent? Hopefully he knew it or I would feel guilty as I failed to tell him about the rate….

Anyway, I don’t really care about what he felt or feels. The most important is what I felt. I felt happy…H A P P Y…in a funny way. It doesn’t mean that other people who are still in touch with me do not make me happy but this is just different. An SMS from a person who did not even bother to say anything but only expressed pain in his eyes when I told him that he had to postpone his graduation to another year as he still had to pass one subject he forgot to take…is a lot of things. The SMS boosted my day…

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